Tool Cat­e­go­ry Com­ment URL
IIIF — Inter­na­tion­al Image Inter­op­er­abil­i­ty Framework Frame­work Enabling Rich­er Access to the World’s Images
OpenSead­rag­on Image View­er IIIF Image Viewer
D3.js DataViz Data-Dri­ven Doc­u­ments, a JavaScript library that allows to manip­u­late doc­u­ments based on data using HTML, SVG, and CSS.
Time­line­JS  Timeline Easy-to-make inter­ac­tive timelines
Sto­ryMap JS Map­ping Maps that tell stories
Image­Plot DataViz Explore pat­terns in large image collections
Gephi DataViz Visu­al­iza­tion plat­form for all kinds of graphs and networks
Tableau Pub­lic DataViz Cre­ate visu­al­iza­tions with ease
Open­Re­fine Data Clean­ing A free, open source, pow­er­ful tool for work­ing with messy data
Open­Data­Soft DataViz, Data Sources Map Builder and Chart Builder
Pal­la­dio DataViz A plat­form for the explo­ration of his­tor­i­cal data com­bin­ing spa­tial, tem­po­ral and rela­tion­al views
Github Code Host­ing Devel­op­ment plat­form to host code, man­age projects, and build software
Kar­ma Data Inte­gra­tion Tool to quick­ly and eas­i­ly inte­grate data from a vari­ety of data sources
Raw Graphs DataViz Easy data visu­al­iza­tion from spreadsheets
SKOS Play DataViz Ren­der and visu­al­ize the­saurus, tax­onomies or con­trolled vocabularies
Microsoft Cog­ni­tive Ser­vices APIs Image Analy­sis Build apps with algorithms
Google Cloud Vision API Image Analy­sis Machine learn­ing mod­els for images
IBM Wat­son Visu­al Recog­ni­tion API Image Analy­sis Image recog­ni­tion
Anno­to­rius Image Anno­ta­tion Image anno­ta­tion on the web
LabelMe Image Anno­ta­tion Online anno­ta­tion tool to build image data­bas­es for com­put­er vision
Jux­ta­pose­JS Image Com­par­i­son Com­pare two sim­i­lar images (e.g. cur­rent and his­toric view of a place)
Resemble.js Image Com­par­i­son, Image Analysis Find dif­fer­ences in sim­i­lar images
ARTi­go Image Tag­ging Mit­tels Crowd­sourc­ing Kunst­werke verschlagworten
Pop Pro­to­typ­ing Turn any sketch or image into an inter­ac­tive prototype
Invi­sion Pro­to­typ­ing Design pro­to­typ­ing tools
Elas­tic­search Search Engine Search and Ana­lyt­ics Engine
Wis­s­KI Vir­tu­al Research Envi­ron­ment (VRE) Sci­en­tif­ic Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Infra­struc­ture based on Drupal
JSON View­er Data View­er Online JSON Viewer
The Data Visu­al­i­sa­tion Catalogue DataViz, Col­lec­tion of Tools Select an infor­ma­tion visu­al­iza­tion type and find pos­si­ble tools for it DataViz, Col­lec­tion of Tools Select­ed data visu­al­iza­tion tools
Microsoft Time­line Storyteller Time­line Brows­er-based visu­al sto­ry­telling envi­ron­ment for pre­sent­ing timelines
Neo4j Data­base, Graph Scal­able native graph database
ConedaKOR Data­base, MySQL build huge seman­tic net­works, very acces­si­ble for non-tech­ni­cal users
DARIAH-DE Geo-Brows­er Geo Map­ping Data visu­al­iza­tion in time and space
Text­mate bun­dle for Turtle Exten­sion for RDF Bun­dle for Tur­tle – the terse RDF triple language
Pro­tégé Data Inte­gra­tion, Ontologies Open-source ontol­ogy edi­tor and framework
Ama­zon Rekognition Image Analy­sis Deep learn­ing-based image recognition