Tool Category Comment URL
IIIF – International Image Interoperability Framework Framework Enabling Richer Access to the World’s Images
OpenSeadragon Image Viewer IIIF Image Viewer
D3.js DataViz Data-Driven Documents, a JavaScript library that allows to manipulate documents based on data using HTML, SVG, and CSS.
TimelineJS  Timeline Easy-to-make interactive timelines
StoryMap JS Mapping Maps that tell stories
ImagePlot DataViz Explore patterns in large image collections
Gephi DataViz Visualization platform for all kinds of graphs and networks
Tableau Public DataViz Create visualizations with ease
OpenRefine Data Cleaning A free, open source, powerful tool for working with messy data
OpenDataSoft DataViz, Data Sources Map Builder and Chart Builder
Palladio DataViz A platform for the exploration of historical data combining spatial, temporal and relational views
Github Code Hosting Development platform to host code, manage projects, and build software
Karma Data Integration Tool to quickly and easily integrate data from a variety of data sources
Raw Graphs DataViz Easy data visualization from spreadsheets
SKOS Play DataViz Render and visualize thesaurus, taxonomies or controlled vocabularies
Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs Image Analysis Build apps with algorithms
Google Cloud Vision API Image Analysis Machine learning models for images
IBM Watson Visual Recognition API Image Analysis Image recognition
Annotorius Image Annotation Image annotation on the web
LabelMe Image Annotation Online annotation tool to build image databases for computer vision
JuxtaposeJS Image Comparison Compare two similar images (e.g. current and historic view of a place)
Resemble.js Image Comparison, Image Analysis Find differences in similar images
ARTigo Image Tagging Mittels Crowdsourcing Kunstwerke verschlagworten
Pop Prototyping Turn any sketch or image into an interactive prototype
Invision Prototyping Design prototyping tools
Elasticsearch Search Engine Search and Analytics Engine
WissKI Virtual Research Environment (VRE) Scientific Communication Infrastructure based on Drupal
JSON Viewer Data Viewer Online JSON Viewer
The Data Visualisation Catalogue DataViz, Collection of Tools Select an information visualization type and find possible tools for it DataViz, Collection of Tools Selected data visualization tools
Microsoft Timeline Storyteller Timeline Browser-based visual storytelling environment for presenting timelines
Neo4j Database, Graph Scalable native graph database
ConedaKOR Database, MySQL build huge semantic networks, very accessible for non-technical users
DARIAH-DE Geo-Browser Geo Mapping Data visualization in time and space
Textmate bundle for Turtle Extension for RDF Bundle for Turtle – the terse RDF triple language
Protégé Data Integration, Ontologies Open-source ontology editor and framework
Amazon Rekognition Image Analysis Deep learning-based image recognition