There are a number of live streams at Coding Dürer. You will find them in the schedule or in the following list. 
Please mind, that the presentation of project results is also public at the LMU Munich.

Times indicated are Munich time (UTC+1). Click on the links in the first column to see your according time.

Videos are archived and view-able here by clicking in the video in the last column.

Live Streams at Coding Dürer

Monday, March, 13

11:00–11:30  Live-Stream Welcome to Coding Dürer 
13:00–13:30  Live-Stream Lunch lecture: Nuria Rodríguez Ortega on software, tools and methods to analyse and visualize data   
18:00-20:00  Live-Stream Evening lecture: Lev Manovich on Cultural Analytics and the use of images 

Tuesday, March, 14

13:00–14:00 Live-Stream Lunch lecture: Anna Bentkowska-Kafel on the history of digital art history  

Wednesday, March, 15

13:00–14:00 Live-Stream Lunch lecture: Justin Underhill on Digital Humanities at the intersection to technology

Thursday, March, 16

13:00–14:00 Live-Stream Lunch lecture: Mario Klingemann on Art and Technology

Friday, March, 17

15:00–17:00  Live-Stream Public presentation of the project results 

Live streaming is presented by

International Journal for Digital Art History