Vic­to­ria Szabo, Justin Under­hill and Ben­jamin Zweig want to visu­al­ize the inter­ac­tions at the Viet­nam War Memo­r­i­al in Wash­ing­ton. As the memo­r­i­al is not “mon­u­men­tal”, there are no stereo­typ­ic, but rather a great vari­ety of pho­tos. Using dif­fer­ent tools, they intend to visu­al­ize in which ways peo­ple expe­ri­ence the object. By look­ing at pho­tos of the War Memo­r­i­al they want to find out where peo­ple take pho­tos and what kind of pho­tos they take. For that, they use images from flickr as well as the flickr API. Microsoft Cog­ni­tive Ser­vices can be used for fur­ther analy­sis of the images.

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