Pho­to from Wiki­me­dia

You’re at a muse­um and want to find out more about an art­work you like? Then just ask Albot, the art his­to­ry chat­bot. He will access the muse­um’s meta­da­ta for you and answer sim­ple ques­tions about the art­work, like: Who’s the artist? What’s the title? Which peo­ple are depict­ed? At least that’s the vision of one of the project groups at Cod­ing Dür­er. They start with Albrecht Dür­er’s “Aller­heili­gen­bild” and try to for­mu­late ques­tions. By extract­ing key­words, Albot can under­stand ques­tions and find answers. The team still tries to fig­ure out which chat­bot to use. Dex­ter or the Microsoft bot frame­work seem to offer great solutions.