The top­ic of visu­al­iza­tion is quite pop­u­lar at Cod­ing Dür­er. We already saw an approach in visu­al­iz­ing inter­ac­tions of pho­tog­ra­phers with an art­work as well as an attempt to show how the work of an artist moves around the world through­out time. The “meta data group” engages in a project that relates to the per­son who gave the Hackathon its name: Albrecht Dür­er. The group wants to show to whom and how the artist was relat­ed. By cre­at­ing a graph­ic plot they want to answer the ques­tion of the artist’s rela­tion­ship to his con­tem­po­raries in a way that is intu­itive and easy to under­stand. The main chal­lenge the team faces is to find data that fits their research ques­tion. ULAN, thUnion List of Artist Names from the Get­ty Research Insti­tute, might offer a solu­tion, as its data is orga­nized in a net­work of cat­e­gories like “assis­tant” or “teacher” which the team uses in recre­at­ing a network.

Screen­shot of ULAN data (a stan­dard­ized list of artist’s names)
The data that ULAN pro­vides (as well as data from online research) can be visu­al­ized with the help of Web­Vowl and Gephi.