Mapping Titian — Data Source Description

Map­ping Tit­ian allows to visu­al­ize one of the most fun­da­men­tal con­cerns of the dis­ci­pline of Art His­to­ry: the inter­re­la­tion­ship between an art­work and its chang­ing his­tor­i­cal con­text. Focus­ing on the paint­ings by Tit­ian , this site offers a search­able prove­nance index of his attrib­uted pic­tures and allows users to cre­ate cus­tomiz­able col­lec­tions of paint­ings and cus­tomiz­able maps that show the move­ment of the pic­tures over time and space with the appli­ca­tion of var­i­ous filters.

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