About Nationalmuseum

The National­mu­se­um in Stock­holm is Swe­den’s pre­mier muse­um of fine art and design. Found­ed in 1866, the insti­tu­tion holds the grow­ing nation­al col­lec­tion of old­er art up to around 1900 and old­er applied art as well as design up to the present day. Our mis­sion is to pre­serve, make acces­si­ble and pro­vide knowl­edge about the col­lec­tions we hold. National­mu­se­um is cur­rent­ly under ren­o­va­tion and will reopen to the pub­lic in 2018. 

The Data

The digi­tised col­lec­tions of the National­mu­se­um Swe­den are large­ly acces­si­ble via Euro​peana​.eu where art­works that no longer are pro­tect­ed by copy­right are licensed with CC BY SA or marked Pub­lic Domain. We would like to raise spe­cial atten­tion to a dataset of around 3000 paint­ings which were made avail­able on Wiki­me­dia Com­mons last autumn. Meta­da­ta to the images is reach­able on Wiki­da­ta  and we pub­lished the LIDO XML of all art­works as a zipped file on GitHUB. The XML holds infor­ma­tion on the artist, title, media- and dimen­sion infor­ma­tion and often infor­ma­tion on the depict­ed per­sons of the art­work. Each dataset includes a link to an iiif-resource, so that the image mate­r­i­al can be used as flex­i­ble as possible. 

The infor­ma­tion has been col­lect­ed in the inter­nal data­base of the National­mu­se­um over a long peri­od of time and might occa­sion­al­ly be incom­plete or errat­ic. Addi­tion­al data or cor­rec­tions are welcome. 

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