About Nationalmuseum

The Nationalmuseum in Stockholm is Sweden’s premier museum of fine art and design. Founded in 1866, the institution holds the growing national collection of older art up to around 1900 and older applied art as well as design up to the present day.  Our mission is to preserve, make accessible and provide knowledge about the collections we hold. Nationalmuseum is currently under renovation and will reopen to the public in 2018. 

The Data

The digitised collections of the Nationalmuseum Sweden are largely accessible via Europeana.eu where artworks that no longer are protected by copyright are licensed with CC BY SA or marked Public Domain. We would like to raise special attention to a dataset of around 3000 paintings which were made available on Wikimedia Commons last autumn.  Metadata to the images is reachable on Wikidata  and we  published the LIDO XML of all artworks as a zipped file on GitHUB. The XML holds information on the artist, title, media- and dimension information and often information on the depicted persons of the artwork. Each dataset includes a link to an iiif-resource, so that the image material can be used as flexible as possible. 

The information has been collected in the internal database of the Nationalmuseum over a long period of time and might occasionally be incomplete or erratic. Additional data or corrections are welcome.  

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