We are very impressed by the vast num­ber of 159 appli­ca­tions we have received. That is four times more than we have places!

This shows that the top­ic is of high inter­est and there exists an active glob­al com­mu­ni­ty. It was hard to make a selec­tion out of all these fan­tas­tic peo­ple with very inter­est­ing back­grounds out of 31 dif­fer­ent countries.

We have now made a deci­sion on the final par­tic­i­pants — a diverse group of peo­ple from whom inter­est­ing results can be expect­ed.

Due to the enor­mous tal­ents we have seen in the appli­ca­tion process, we would also like to keep those involved into the event, who can­not be present in per­son. At first, we would like you to fol­low and con­tribute to the hash­tag #cod­ing­dur­er on Twit­ter and check our blog from time to time for updates. Before the event starts, we will tell you more details on how you can get involved online.

You will find the pre­lim­i­nary sched­ule on our web­site http://​cod​ing​dur​er​.de/​s​c​h​e​d​u​l​e​.​h​tml

(We have sent out the noti­fi­ca­tions on Jan­u­ary 16. If you have applied for the event and have not heard from us yet, please check your spam fold­er or get in con­tact with us again.)

As writ­ten in our pre­vi­ous post, we invite inter­est­ed insti­tu­tions to join us and bring their data sources into the cre­ative group of 40 peo­ple and see what hap­pens. There are many options how you can present your data at the event. Please get in con­tact with us.

Time­stamps of appli­ca­tions dur­ing the appli­ca­tion period

Geo­graph­i­cal dis­tri­b­u­tion of appli­ca­tions (click to see details)